State Recital Competition

The purpose of the State Recital Competition is to select a student to represent the Gig Harbor Chapter of WSMTA at the annual State Conference Honors Recital ( Washington State University, Pullman, WA) June 17-20, 2020.

COMPETITION DATE: Canceled Until Further Notice


LOCATION: Agnus Dei Lutheran Church

JUDGE: Cameron Bennett


COST: $15 per student (non-refundable)

CONTACT: Kimberley Joe

Teachers, please submit the following information to Kimberley by March 11th:





Include a non-refundable $15 fee per student. (Collect the fees from your students and then make one check payable to GH-WSMTA.)

Requirements for participating in the State Recital Competition:

1. Each student performs one piece (no time limit, but the winner is limited to 5 minutes at the State Honors Recital).

2. Must be age 19 or younger (on the day of the competition).

3. Must have performed 2 pieces from memory in that season's Music Artistry Program (MAP).

4. Piece played for the competition does not have to be played at the educational MAP. However, the piece that is selected at the State Recital Competition is to be the one played in the WSMTA Conference Recital.

5. Students must be performing pieces at a Lower Advanced level or higher.

6. Literature performed must be by a published composer (not student compositions, or arrangements/simplifications of pieces).

7. It is at the chairperson’s discretion to determine if an entry qualifies.

8. The chairperson will notify the teachers if their student(s) qualify within 48 hours after the entry deadline.

9. The winner of the competition will not be included in the next year’s competition, but can compete the following year. (In other words, the winner must skip a year before entering the competition again.)