Chapter Recitals


Exact dates are TBA, although they will all be on Sundays.

There will be three recitals; one in October/November, one in January/February and one in March/April

TIME: 4:30 pm

WHERE: Chapel on Echo Bay

CONTACT: Kassia Thompson

Protocol for Chapter Recitals


Students will play one prepared piece, memorized, and not longer than 5 minutes. (Exceptions for VERY young beginners whose pieces are 30 seconds long…(they may play two memorized pieces) and duet players (they will use their music)


Please ask students to bow both before and after a performance. We will help them learn this idea by applauding as they approach the piano.

Appropriate attire

Please, if possible, avoid shorts, jeans, and T-shirts. Guys, please wear a collared shirt, if possible. Girls, please have your hair pulled back so we can see your pretty faces!


Our programs need to have at least 10 performers to justify the costs. All information needs to be emailed to Kassia Thompson by 9:00pm on the Wednesday before recital. Include student name, title and composer of piece and age of student.

Enjoy the entire recital

Students and their guests are asked to stay until the conclusion of the recital.