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Music Olympics Winners 2023



Music Olympics 2023

The Gig Harbor Music Olympics is an annual local favorite musical event.  For the second year the Music Olympics will be accepting violin students to compete in this fun and inspiring event! This event is designed to encourage piano and violin students to develop well-rounded musicianship. Around 150 school-aged musicians from around the community will come together to showcase their skills in nine essential music disciplines (performance, theory, rhythm, scales, chords/string skills, arpeggios, sight-reading, listening, and speedy notes).

One of the greatest benefits of the Music Olympics is that students (and teachers!) can see their strengths and weaknesses -- and then work accordingly for the rest of the year! The focus of this event is not so much on competition as it is personal achievement and encouragement. Our goal is to send each student away with a greater love for making music than when they came!

Downloadable study guides and Teacher Pack for Teachers and Students:

 Click Here for Downloads 

to find printable study forms for your level. Teachers will find their instructions there as well. 



Saturday, November 18th, 2023

LOCATION: Harbor Covenant Church

TIME: Saturday, November 18th: Check-in at 8:30am and 12:30pm



Preschool through age 19 (not older than age 19 by June 1, 2024)



Click here to register.

Registration DEADLINE: 

Sept. 30, 2023, 10:00pm (VERY firm deadline! Don't wait till the last second!) 



See the Piano Parent/Student Letter, or Violin Parent/Student Letter,  browse through this site, and speak with your teacher for complete details. 



$30 (non-refundable) per student by check. Due to your teacher by Sept 25. Make checks out to your teacher. You can pay online by logging into PayPal and sending $32 to The extra $2 is the fee PayPal charges.



Susan Speicher, Stephanie Charbonneau, (Parents/Students: please contact your teacher directly with event questions.) 

Music Olympics 2022 -Winners!

Morning Winners

Afternoon Winners

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the 2021 Hybrid Music Olympics! It was a JOY to hear all the students perform.  This year's winners are:


1st place- Olivia Marino (Winslow) 494

2nd place- Anderson Volovar (Kebsch) 493

Primary A

1st place- Karolina Dicke (Kebsch) 587

2nd place- Lucius Sieradzki (Jamieson) 581

3rd place- Ryan Brooke (Winslow) 577

Primary B

1st place- Ava Tisino (Holdych) 590

2nd place- McKinzie Grogan (Winslow) 576

3rd place- Mirka Walker (Liljengren) 490

Elementary A

1st place- Ilyannie Gonzalez (Winslow) 596

2nd place- Nico Beltran (Kebsch) 594

3rd place- Hailey Brown (Winslow) 582

Elementary B

1st place- Eva Yoon (Kebsch) 596

2nd place- Hannah Vo (Kebsch) 595

3rd place- Brendan Wagner (Winslow) 594

Lower Intermediate A

1st place- Yifan Monroe (Winslow) 598

2nd place- Micah Holdych (Liljengren) 597

3rd place- Emma Lai (Kebsch) 595

Lower Intermediate B

1st place- Aspen Greene (Winslow) 581

2nd place- Thomas Tools (Winslow) 572

Intermediate A

1st place- Isabelle Cruz (Kebsch) 569

2nd place- Derek Liu (Kebsch) 565

3rd place- Henry Shawcross (Holdych) 549

Upper Intermediate

1st place- Massey Murphy (Liljengren) 591

2nd place- Elan Presson (Kebsch) 590

3rd place- Raegan Laird (Liljengren) 486

Lower Advanced

1st place- Boen Liu (Jamieson) 580

2nd place- Abigail Hoenig (Kebsch) 567

                                                  2021  Hall of Fame 

Congratulations to all 30 students who went above and beyond in knowing all the Music Olympics requirements they would have had to learn for standard Music Olympics. 

Nico Beltran

Ryan Brooke

Hailey Brown

Isabelle Cruz

Karolina Dicke

Ilyannie Robelle Gonzalez

Aspen Green

McKinzie Grogan

Abigail Hoenig

Camila Juarez

Emma Lai

Annabelle Lee

Boen Liu

Derek Liu

Olivia Marino

Yifan Monroe

Thomas Pease

Alex Presson

Elan Presson

Marcus Reum

Olive Synco

Ava Tisino

Thomas Tools

Hannah Vo

Anderson Volovar

Brendan Wagner

Eva Yoon

Faith Yoon

Sharon Yoon

Bolin Zhang

Past Olympics Winners...

Congratulations to the students who participated in the 2020 Virtual Music Olympics!

- Click here to see the list of Virtual Music Olympics Winners 

These are our Music Olympics 2020 Hall of Fame Students. Not only did these students submit their theory tests and videos, but they also went above and beyond in making sure to know all the Music Olympics requirements they would have had to learn for standard Music Olympics.

Annie Allred

Evan Parish

Doone Brown

Alexander Presson

Annabelle Lee

Emma Lai 

Grant Shin 

Katelyn Welch 

Isabelle Cruz

Scarlett Lee 

Derek Liu 

Elan Presson

Victoria Ho

Abigail Hoenig 

Lauren Lai