Festival of Piano Trios

Festival of Piano Trios

This event gives students of GHMTA teachers the opportunity to perform a piano trio with professional string players, Mary Manning (violinist) and Margaret Thorndill (cellist). Students receive their music in December, learn their part, rehearse two or three times with the professional players during January and culminate the experience with a performance at the recital time listed below. The number of rehearsals is determined by the length of the piece. The schedule of rehearsals will be set after registration is closed.

Rehearsals: January 27 & 28, February 3, 2023

Bonnie Rees's studio, 197 Raft Island Dr.

Times: TBD

Dress Rehearsal

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Agnus Dei Lutheran Church,

10511 Peacock Hill Ave NW,

Gig Harbor, WA 98332

Times: TBA


Saturday, February 11, 2023 – Evening

One or two Recitals, depending on enrollment

Agnus Dei Lutheran Church

Online Registration


November 13, 2022 – December 18, 2022


Levels & Fees are determined by the length of the piece...

Level 1 - For performance pieces that are under two minutes (without repeats). There will be two rehearsals, a ten minute and a five minute. FEE:$35

Level 2 - For performance pieces that last 2 – 4 minutes. There will be three rehearsals, two ten minute and one five minute rehearsal. FEE: $45

Level 3 - For performance pieces that last 4 – 7 minutes. Three rehearsals, one 15 minute, one 10 minute and one 8 minute. FEE:$50

Level 4 - For performance pieces that last 7 – 10 minutes. Three rehearsals, two 15 minute and one 10 minute. FEE:$60

Level 5 - For performance pieces that are 10 minutes and over. Three rehearsals, one 20 minute and two 15 minute rehearsals. FEE: $70

Fees are due by check, made out to your teacher, by January 22, 2023


Coni Liljengren


Kathy Strickland

Chamber Music Merit Award

“This year we will again name a student to receive the Kathy Strickland Chamber Music Merit Award.”

Last year’s recipient was Ava Innielli, student of Julie Spargo.

Kathy was a beloved, longtime piano teacher in Gig Harbor. She had a passion for chamber music, and established two successful, long running programs for students of GHMTA teachers - Music of the Chamber and The Festival of Piano Trios. These two programs exemplify Kathy’s dedication to the collaborative arts and her drive to encourage and enrich the musical lives of students in our community.

After Kathy’s death in 2020, gifts were given to honor and preserve Kathy’s legacy by continuing to enhance our students’ musical growth and dedication to Chamber Music. This award allows us to publicly honor Kathy by giving a monetary gift to one student that will help further their study of Chamber Music.

The rules for entry are as follows:

  • The applicant must be a high school student (aged 14- 18 years) and be a current student of a teacher in The Gig Harbor Chapter of the Washington State Music Teachers Association. A student may only win the award one time.

  • The applicant must have participated in The Festival of Piano Trios for three years, including 2023.

  • The applicant will submit an essay that relates and explores their experience as a Chamber Musician and how these programs have influenced and inspired them as musicians.

Please submit the application form and your essay to Coni Liljengren, (conipianostudio@gmail.com) by January 22, 2023 or by mail to Coni Liljengren, 6908 81st Ave NW, Gig Harbor 98335

The Award Committee

Patti Jamieson, Isabella Jie, Coni Liljengren, Tanya Stambuk